You Can Now Anonymously Send Someone A ‘Vaginal Cleansing Kit’

By : Rebecca KnightTwitterLogo


You Can Now Anonymously Send Someone A Vaginal Cleansing Kit vag 640x426

You can buy pretty much anything these days and while we love a weird new product to try, the latest one to catch our eye seems to be a bit much.

In fact, after being introduced to the Vaginal Cleansing Kit that comes as part of a ‘Wash Your Box’ package for the nice and affordable sum of $14.99 (with free p&p of course) we think the ultimate ‘worst gift ever’ has been found.

The kit can be sent through the post – and here is the kicker – it can also be send anonymously, so ex partners can really get their own back with the back handed gift – or you know, current ones can give you a hint at why they’re not so keen on going south very often.

So what do you actually get? Well, for any interested buyers here is the description:

A bottle of moisturizing cream soap, a loofah, your offensive note and a message from us that reads: “you smell bad and you should feel bad”.

[via Uproxx]