You Can Now Buy Breast Milk Lollipops To Suck On… Seriously

By : Rebecca Knight |


lolly1 450x426zoo

People put a lot of strange things in their mouths these days, but a breast milk flavoured lollipop? Yeah, that’s got to rank up there as one of the strangest of the bunch.

But it could become a common occurrence soon with one company developing a lolly that they claim tastes exactly like breast milk. Not that most of us would have anything to compare it to, obviously.

Creators Lollyphile claimed:

These lollipops won’t bring back childhood memory; they’ll bring up animal instinct. Quite possibly the most inherently satisfying flavour of all time.

While we are happy to take their word for that, here are some more tasty sounding and frankly socially acceptable ones to suck on from the wacky lolly makers…

The Beer flavoured one is sure to go down a treat…

lolly3 480x426

For the tea connoisseurs out there, they also offer a chai tea flavoured one, complete with Rastafarian looking model…

lolly5 540x426

And the Merlot Red Wine one, with a lady sporting blowjob lips to suck this time…

lolly4 500x426

Oh, and for the fun lovers out there, here is the Party Girl flavour…


So really, there are plenty of lollies out there for you to stick into your mouths. But breast milk ones? Yeah, that’s a massive NO from us.