You Can Now Have Group Chats And Post Videos On Twitter

By : Alex BentleyTwitterLogo


You Can Now Have Group Chats And Post Videos On Twitter Twitter

Twitter is one of the biggest apps in the world, and it just got a bit bigger.

Today saw the launch of group messaging, and new video features to the app.

They announced on their official blog that group messages are now going to be available, with up to 20 people being able to talk in a chat at once. This isn’t exactly groundbreaking, apps like Whatsapp have been doing it for ages, but it’s still a decent new addition. Especially if you want to pester several people at once.

It doesn’t say whether all 20 people have to be following each other. I hope not though. It could make a funny/interesting scenario to get a load of strangers into one chat.

Also unveiled today is the new video function. You can now record and share videos directly on the app. Instagram added this feature a while ago, we assume after the success of Vine, and now Twitter is following suit. Users can now film up to 30seconds in one clip, and even upload from their camera roll.

The features have been introduced today, and should be with all users in a few days.

While it may feel like Twitter are a bit late to the party with these features, it does create a lot more opportunity when using the social media app, whether you work in media or just love recording random shit.

Feel free to follow me and add me to your group chats, or send me videos!