You Can Now Sell Your Classic iPod For A Fortune On eBay

By : Sam Ridgway |



It used to be the dogs bollocks, but now it’s old and discontinued. The classic iPod is officially off shelves everywhere. Except for eBay and amazon, where they’re now selling for up to £600.

And we assume as the device gets older and older and rarer and rarer, Apple fans will be wiling to pay more and more for them. Sorry, that was a lot of double wording.

It’s only been two months since apple dropped the iPod, but some versions of the old favourite are being advertised online for up to £600.


Devoted fans and collectors are spending the same amount of money needed for a brand new iPhone 6. Over 3000 fans and collectors to be exact with the main places for those sales being eBay and Amazon.

Keeping their price is an understatement.