You Can Now Send Money Using Snapchat – It’s Called Snapcash

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You Can Now Send Money Using Snapchat   Its Called Snapcash 2 Snapcash web thumb

Snapchat users will soon be introduced to a new feature on their favourite photo sharing app. And it’s called Snapcash.

After The Snappening we’re not sure why anyone would trust Snapchat with their card details and their money, but obviously, people still will. It’s the way the world works.

The one thing we all know about Snapchat is that everyone uses it to send naked pictures. This is common knowledge now. But with Snapcash, you can now demand money before getting your kit off, and it’s going to cause a shitstorm.

Here’s the official launch video:

Anyone else notice that the old guy was given a totally different voice?

This could be the end of Snapchat, when companies try to become more monetised they go shit. Like when Facebook first started doing adverts or when introduced tokens. We reckon Snapchat will be more like the latter. But we’ll see. It’s got a pretty ridiculous following at the moment and some seriously loyal fans.

Fortunately, Snapcash is only available in the USA for now. But we’ll give you a heads up when they bring it over here. God forbid.