Young Couple Buy House, Find It Infested With Snakes, Worried Snakes Will Cuddle Daughter

By : Rebecca Knight |



Imagine after years of saving (when you weren’t blowing your wages on beer) and finally being in a position to buy a house of your own for your young family.

Well that happened for one young couple with two small kids, and they shelled out $410,000 on their dream home.

After moving in and thinking that their lives were starting to settle down and they finally had a home to bring their kids up in, they had the shock of their lives when they realised the house was infested with snakes. Yeah, you read that right, snakes.

Hissing, slithering creatures, with live ones crawling around and snake skin littered around the house.

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Now quite why they didn’t notice this when viewing the house or moving their stuff in is a bit of a mystery to me, but apparently the house was sold to them by a realtor who is now their next door neighbour and it previously belonged to said realtors mother, who is either a pet hoarder or a seriously creepy woman by all accounts.

The couple are obviously now desperate to get out of the house and are suing the realtor for a whopping $2 million after becoming convinced that the snakes would crawl into their baby daughter’s cot and snuggle her, mistaking her for a rat. It really does just get better and better doesn’t it.


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