Your Next Kebab Could Well Be Served Up By A Robot

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UNILAD kebab5 Your Next Kebab Could Well Be Served Up By A RobotGuardian

You know how they say robots are taking over the world? Well they’ve got one step closer, with the news that one kebab store in north London, Super Kebab, now has a machine to cut the meat.

The Atalay doner robot slices off perfect cuts of kebab meat, and is guided by sensors, that move it up and down in order to cut the doner.


The machine is the first of its kind in the country, and cost a massive £5,000 to buy and install.

It obviously saves the employees a job, with a human no longer required to cut the meat, but that could well be another issue should fears that yet more machinery will be implemented in work places to take the positions people previously held.


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According to Hakan Gorenli , the kebab slicer is a God send for his staff, given how hard and ‘tiring’ it apparently is to slice doner meat, and the fact that over a weekend, they will sell 1,000 kebabs.


He also claimed his customers were thrilled, saying:

99% of my customers are happy with the robot. They like that it cuts precisely and hygienically.