Muslim Women Respond Brilliantly To David Cameron’s Patronising Speech

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Muslim Women Respond Brilliantly To David Camerons Patronising Speech cameron sad 244903kYves Herman

It’s fair to say David Cameron got a lot of stick after saying Muslim women need to learn English and fully integrate into society…

But, these women have responded brilliantly to his claims and completely ridiculed him over social media.

The PM attracted criticism earlier this week after saying they needed to learn English to tackle the ‘traditional submissiveness of Muslim women’, which suggests he doesn’t actually know that many Muslim women in real life.

People took to Twitter using the hashtag #TraditionallySubmissive in response, to turn his comments completely on their head. Some pointed out their language skills are alright actually…

And some of them have some pretty sick jobs…

And they had to time to mock DC too, obviously…

Nailed it!


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