Shocking Moment Car Crashes Through Restaurant And Traps Young Girl

By : Alex Mays |


This clip captures the dramatic moment a speeding car ploughed through a burger restaurant.

It’s believed the driver – who is seen heading directly for the shop – fell unconscious at the wheel as it makes no attempt to slow down.

Car smashes through burger restaurant in China

Witnesses report that the car was travelling at a staggering 100mph as it smashed into the glass.

The CCTV inside the shop shows customers trying to avoid the falling glass, while others are running out of the way.

Car smashes through burger restaurant in China 1

The car pretty much destroys everything in its path, but a woman – who was standing at the counter with her eight-year-old daughter – fails to spot the danger.

The young girl then becomes trapped between the oncoming black car and the counter.

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This horrendous incident took place in Linyi, China and six people were injured as a result of the crash.


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