British Schoolkids Sent Home After False Widow Spiders Infest Their School

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Two English primary schools have been forced to close after becoming infested with false widow spiders.

The schools, Thomas Buxton and Osmani, both in Tower Hamlets, east London, saw hundreds of pupils get a head start on the weekend due to their schools being infested with spiders.

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Both schools said they would remain closed until Monday to sort the problem out.

In a statement Thomas Buxton School said the spiders can give a “nasty bite” and may cause an allergic reaction. But, pest controllers are on the scene and their grounds will be fumigated “as a matter of urgency”.

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A Tower Hamlets spokesman said:

The Osmani and Thomas Buxton Primary Schools are both temporarily closed due to a spider infestation. Pest control teams are currently on the premises of both schools, dealing with the infestation of false widow spiders. The spiders are not considered to be dangerous but do bite. Due to health concerns for staff and pupils the schools will be closed until next week.

An overreaction perhaps? Well, despite unnecessary scaremongering from the media, false widow spiders can give you a nasty bite and can cause an allergic reaction in some people. But, wolf spider it certainly ain’t.

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I’m sure the Aussies would just tell us to man up…


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