Cat Gets Pissed On Wine, Has Three-Day Hangover

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One cat managed to get himself trapped in a wine cellar for seven weeks – and spent the time getting pissed.

Aljosha was trapped on one of his daily walks, and during his time in the wine cellar (which belonged to the neighbours of his owner), he drunk three bottles of wine.


His owner, Claudia von Büren, printed off 150 flyers to try and find him, and looked everywhere, becoming worried, but could not locate her cat.

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Eventually he turned up after nearly two months, but was not in a good way. We’ve all been there mate.


Claudia said:

He was more dead than alive when I picked him up.

We went to the vets straight away, where they diagnosed him with alcohol poisoning.


Aljosha then spend three days on a drip, trying to rehydrate and get the alcohol out of his system.

Thankfully, he is now recovered, healthy, clean and sober.