Dad Posts Creepy Job Ad To Find Husband For ‘Virgin’ Daughter

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Wanted: Husband for godly, gorgeous virgin daughter.

This wildly inappropriate ad was published by a father in the March-issue of a Christian magazine – and his daughter had no idea.

It read:

Her: godly, gorgeous, athletic, educated, careered, humorous, travelled, bilingual, 26-year-old virgin,

You: unworthy, though becoming less so daily.

If that’s not creepy enough, this was advertised in the jobs section, with ‘son-in-law’ as the available position.

According to The Daily Beast, the woman in question – Rachel Stewart – had no idea her dad posted the ad until strangers who had read it started leaving comments about it on her blog.

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And this isn’t the first time her father’s been over-involved in her love life. In a now-deleted blog post, the 26-year-old wrote about her father’s efforts to bribe a potential suitor, referring to him as ‘El Grande’ and ‘The Big One.’

Kind of unbelievably, Rachel wasn’t upset over the advert or her father’s other attempts to – as one commenter to her blog put it – ‘sell her like cattle’. She said she was more impressed than surprised when found out, and laughed about it.

She said in her post:

I’m just nervous if this doesn’t work out, next I’ll find my face plastered on a billboard. Oh gosh, now I’m giving him ideas.

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Rachel says she hopes the ad will ‘be a platform upon which God is glorified and others are drawn toward a personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.’

Well, even though she’s okay with it, the Christian magazine that published the advertisement is certainly not.

Editor-in-Chief Mark Galli tweeted an apology on Friday, saying the ad was ‘rightfully seen as demeaning’ and was ‘in poor taste’.

He wrote:

We have taken a hard look at our ad review process, made some changes, and we can assure our readers that no ad like this will appear again.

Very, very weird.


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