Guy Crashes Speeding Car Into Wall Trying To Enter Time Portal

By : Mark Foster |


Hana Frenette/Pensacola News Journal

A rookie time traveller crashed his pick-up truck while allegedly trying to enter a time portal. Obviously nobody told this guy he needs a flux capacitor to pull off that kind of move.

Police in Florida reported that the 40-year-old man was found sat contently inside his Dodge Challenger truck on the way to visit his child on Sunday, after bursting through the wall of a mall in Pensacola.

Hana Frenette/Pensacola News Journal

A crash report obtained by the Huffington Post states the driver told attending officers that “he was driving at high speeds on the interstate in an attempt to enter a time portal,” and that the only reason it didn’t work was because “he did not leave the time portal until the crash occurred.” Okay then.

Hana Frenette/Pensacola News Journal

The man was uninjured, and the building was fortunately not occupied at the time of the crash. He has however been sent to a local facility to be checked over by Doc Brown.


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