It’s Easier To Buy A Gun Than A Frappuccino In The US

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Its Easier To Buy A Gun Than A Frappuccino In The US frap fb

In news that will shock no one but horrify everyone, it’s been revealed that it is easier to go out and buy a gun in the USA than a Starbucks.

Yeah, that’s right. Getting your hands on a weapon that can kill someone is easier to do than buying a frozen coffee.

Safer America built a site called Firearms + Frappuccinos, that allows you to see the ratio of gun dealers to Starbucks around the USA, and the results do not make for good reading.

There are 138,659 gun dealers in the USA, compared to 67,000 pharmacies and 98,238 state schools.

There are 55,246 coffee shops scattered around the country, which means there are six times as many gun dealers as there are coffee shops when you include gun collectors, manufacturers and importers into the stats as well.

While it’s not exactly breaking news that the USA have rather dangerous rules when it comes to their laws on firearms, when you put it in such simple terms, it seems all the more alarming.