Making A Murderer Ignored Evidence That ‘Steven Avery Sexually Abused Brendan Dassey’

By : Alex Mays |


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It’s fair to say Making a Murderer has made a pretty convincing argument that sentenced murderer Steven Avery could well be innocent.

But despite more than 300,000 people signing a petition asking for his release, there are lot of people out there who have criticised those behind the Netflix ten-part docu-series for leaving out other crucial facts. And this latest one is pretty shocking.

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Brendan Dassey told investigators that Avery sexually abused him. Not only was this ignored by filmmakers, but also by police and lawyers on both sides. It’s pretty surprising Ken Kratz didn’t grab hold of this to be honest.

Journalist Dan O’Donnell – who covered Avery’s trial for the murder of Teresa Halbach – has referred to the series as ‘one of the more slanted, one-sided pieces of storytelling in recent memory’ and hosts a podcast titled Rebutting a Murderer, dedicated entirely to detailing why O’Donnell believes Avery is in fact guilty.

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Working off his statements, The Wrap managed to obtain transcripts through a public records request that show Dassey did tell detectives that Avery tried to touch his penis through his trousers.

The site posted this image of one of the transcripts, a conversation between Dassey and his mother:

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So you may be asking, why is this important to the case? Well, O’Donnell believes it shows the level of control Avery could have had over Dassey and meant he may have got him to help him torture and kill Halbach.

Avery’s lawyers have denied the allegations and they believe the interview was part of a false confession by Dassey.

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It is difficult to take anything Dassey says seriously – as his statements in the past have been very inconsistent – but this new evidence could shed some new light on Avery’s character and the entire case against him.


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