People Baffled As Woman Strips Naked And Sits On London Roof

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People Baffled As Woman Strips Naked And Sits On London Roof UNILAD nude woman art 239033Twitter/Raquel Rodrigues

So apparently women posing on roofs naked in broad daylight is the new done thing.

Hot on the heels of a blue-haired woman being spotted nude atop a New York building yesterday, an artist in London has also got in on the act.

People in the UK capital were left pretty confused yesterday when they looked up and spotted the nude lady perched in a rather uncomfortable looking position on top of Toynbee Studios.

She was up there for four hours yesterday and she’s reportedly back today and tomorrow for more of the same between 1pm and 5pm.

The explanation for the stunt was pretty simple, in the end – art. Isn’t it always?

The performance art piece by Poppy Jackson, titled ‘Site’, was part of the SPILL Festival of Performance.

In a press release, Toynbee Studio explained:

The piece investigates questions relating to temporality, the body in site, representation and gender through consideration of the use of the body in performance as an activist practice. The work interrogates the boundaries, access points and interaction between ‘interior’ and ‘exterior’ categories. Physical action dually presents the female body within a process of claiming space, whilst attempting to exist itself as deterritorialised space.

Obvious, really.

Still, whatever you think of the message, you’ve got to credit the artist’s commitment to her craft, sitting up there on a chilly October afternoon can’t be much fun, after all!