People Reveal The Meanest Things They’ve Done To Other People

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People Reveal The Meanest Things Theyve Done To Other People bad things FBAlex Watt | UNILAD

Let’s face it, unless you’re Mother Teresa, you’ve probably got at least one story of when you’ve done something a little bit out of order to another person.

Still, we doubt you’ve ever been quite as creative as this lot!

In a new post, the good folk of Reddit have revealed some of the meanest things they’ve done to people who’ve pissed them off.

And some of them are pretty screwed up, to be honest.

Here’s ten of the best:

Kids are the worst…

Don’t cut this guy off on the road…

IcyHot really doesn’t help during a workout, in case you didn’t know…

Revenge is sweet…

Sibling rivalries always escalate…

You monster!

This guy may have inadvertently broken a couple up…

Come on, this is too far!

Yeah, fuck you Isaac!

So, you know, never piss off anyone on the road, don’t leave your Facebook open and never, ever drink that glass of orange juice on the counter. Grim.