Russian Deputy PM ‘Shoots Himself In The Foot’ After Tweeting Support For NRA

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Russian Deputy PM Shoots Himself In The Foot After Tweeting Support For NRA meet the russian whos destroying nasa 1402431258

Life can be a bit of a bitch sometimes, but it looks like no-one told Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister this…

We invite you to spare a thought for Dmitry Rogozin (or don’t, we won’t judge) as he reportedly shot himself in the foot at a firing range, just days after tweeting support for America’s National Rifle Association (NRA). I think that’s what they call karma…

Rogozin is apparently recovering while undergoing treatment for the bullet wound at a hospital in Moscow and a source told Russia’s Interfax news agency that he ‘accidentally shot himself’ while training at a shooting range.

Russian Deputy PM Shoots Himself In The Foot After Tweeting Support For NRA rogozin firing rangeTwitter

This meant he had to miss a cabinet meeting with Vladimir Putin last week. However, a spokesperson for Rogozin’s office had a more intriguing response, telling the Tass news agency he had had been injured playing handball. I think I know which one is more believable…

A bit like President Putin, Rogozin likes to try and show his ‘manly’ side and is a mega shooting enthusiast. He gets snapped quite often posing with a handgun in several photos over Twitter and Facebook.

The politician is also the deputy head of Russia’s Military Industrial Commission and a special envoy for the President.

A series of photos taken earlier in December show Rogozin at a shooting range, with a boasting tweet saying his eyesight is better than ever.

But, perhaps after this incident maybe he’ll be thinking he should have gone to Specsavers after all…


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