Shocking Moment Snake Bites Glamour Model’s Fake Breast

By : Alex Mays |


A wise person once said, never work with children or animals and after seeing this you could probably understand why.

A model was bitten on her fake breast by a snake after ‘seductively’ playing around with it.

The footage of the attack on Israeli model Orit Fox is from a few years back, but has been doing the rounds and gone viral once again.

snake 3YouTube

The model was filmed holding a large snake, and as it wraps around her leg one of the film crew says it looks ‘sexy’ – whatever floats your boat mate.

But things suddenly take a turn for the worst when she goes to lick it.

Not too surprisingly it mega pisses off the snake, and it aggressively strikes her.

snake 5YouTube

It latches onto her right breast, and Orit screams in pain as she tries to yank the snake of her boob.

Eventually, one of the crew comes to her rescue and manages to get it off her.

The Mirror reports that Orit needed a tetanus shot, but there were rumours that the snake suffered a grimmer fate and later died of silicon poisoning.

Ouch 659828YouTube

However, Orit has since claimed that her breast didn’t in fact kill the snake and described the whole incident as ‘cute’.

Fucking horrifying? Yes. Cute? No. Just no.


The Mirror