These Students Celebrate End Of Term With Series Of Bizarre Challenges

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I’ve always thought the Scandinavian countries just always seem to win at life. 

There’s the excellent healthcare, education, quality of life, scenery, and now…an incredible amalgamation of fresher’s week and spring break which encourages their youths to go out and cause havoc for almost a month.

It’s not only legal, but Norway completely encourage the teenagers to drink, rave, do crazy dares, and get everything out of their system in the annual ‘Russ’ celebration.

No wonder they’re among the happiest countries in the world…

The tradition, known as Russefeiring, starts on April 20 and ends on a Norwegian national holiday on May 17 when all the very hungover teens march to celebrate the end of their crazy celebrations.

Groups of Norwegian teens in their final semester of high school choose a car or a bus to be their home for the glorified piss-up, and they travel around the country carrying out dares and causing public disturbances.

Some companies even sponsor Russ buses and vans because of the magnitude of young people who gather at the events.

The dares range from crawling on your hands and knees, to downing cans of beer with two tampons in your mouth.

They also put ‘for sale’ signs or learner plates on police cars, and run naked through town centres.

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The dares are often shared on social media as they have to be witnessed by at least two other participants to qualify.

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Aled-Dilwyn Fisher, a Welsh teacher who has worked in Norway during Russ, said the dares were in good humour:

Most are a bit silly or even disgusting – but pose no direct harm to others, such as drinking a half-litre of beer with two tampons stuck in your mouth.

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One of the more creepy tasks is to break into a teacher’s home, sleep there, and then make them breakfast in the morning.

As you may have noticed, there is even an official uniform for the students partaking in Russ called russebukse…better than our white t-shirts saying freshers 2015.

There are special caps that they wear, and with each dare the add tags and write their nickname.

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And they drink…lots

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Stemninga ❤️

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These girls even licked the floor of McDonald’s…

It ends with a final march through their towns to celebrate the Norwegian Constitution Day.

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I mean it’s pretty weird but I could definitely get on board.

I’ve always talked about moving to Norway and this has just confirmed it.