Video Shows School Bus Driver ‘Caught Having Sex With Prostitute’ In Broad Daylight

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Video Shows School Bus Driver Caught Having Sex With Prostitute In Broad Daylight UNILAD bus sex WEB20341Fox 6 Now

One school bus driver was literally caught with his pants down when he was spotted on camera allegedly having sex on board the vehicle while off duty.

According to Fox 6 Now, who first reported the story, the bizarre scene played itself out in broad daylight in Milwaukee, U.S.

The driver apparently fancied a bit of afternoon delight but hadn’t factored in that the resident of the house he parked in front of might have a camera phone handy.

The neighbour spotted the bus pull up on her street, empty except for the driver and a young woman. Minutes later, the resident spotted the woman pulling down her pants and the man unbuckling his belt, prompting her to get a video of the incident.

The resulting incriminating footage shows the pair engaging in what looks very much like sexual activity in the middle of the school bus. Oh, that’s nasty!

After a few minutes of apparently getting down and dirty, the man returned to the driver’s seat and drove away. The woman who filmed the incident was then straight on the phone to the bus company, Riteway.

In response, Riteway released a statement saying that the driver, “Was not on a company assignment, but instead was using our vehicle without permission”.

Unsurprisingly, the driver has since been fired, while Milwaukee police have begun their own separate investigation to determine whether the woman in the video was a prostitute or at least above the age of consent.


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