Woman Strips Naked In Street To Try And ‘Win Back’ Ex Boyfriend

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Woman Strips Naked In Street To Try And Win Back Ex Boyfriend maria1YouTube

Love can make people do some pretty crazy stuff – and for one woman that meant stripping naked in the street to try and get her ex’s attention.

And, although she may not have got her former lover’s attention, 27-year-old Maria Ester Rotela certainly got everyone else’s, stopping traffic as she launched her nude street protest, reports The Mirror.


Maria apparently told passers-by she was ‘madly in love’ with a lucky chap called Fabian Sosa as she sat naked on a chair next to San Martin Avenue in Eldorado, Argentina.


She told one local: 

I’m like this for Fabian Sosa, my eternal love. I want to show him all my affection.

You’re showing all of us ‘all your affection’ there Maria…

The hapless lady was eventually taken away by police who covered her up with a blanket. Local sources say she was later released and taken to hospital for a check up.

Woman Strips Naked In Street To Try And Win Back Ex Boyfriend maria2YouTube

No one has managed to speak to Fabian Sosa, so as yet it’s not known not known whether Maria’s protest was successful in winning his affections or not.

Although, realistically, she probably didn’t do herself any favours did she…


The Mirror