Existence Of Aliens Confirmed By UFO Summit

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We are not alone!

So says one of the world’s leading UFO researchers who was addressing a ‘ground-breaking’ summit on extraterrestrial life.

The claim was made in no uncertain terms by Shi-Li Sun, a Chinese UFO expert and former diplomat, reports the Daily Star.

Sun said:

After years of research, a large number of Chinese UFO scholars, including myself, are convinced of the authenticity of UFOs and the existence of UFOs and aliens.

I have also written articles that have appeared in China’s encyclopaedia, which is a very prestigious encyclopaedia that was edited by Shen Shituan, a famous scientist in my country.

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His comments are in line with the thinking of Shituan himself, who commented while serving as president of the Beijing Aerospace University:

Some of these sightings are real, some are fake and with others it’s unclear.

All these phenomena are worth researching.

Existence Of Aliens Confirmed By UFO Summit aliens

So no irrefutable evidence from either man, but a very strong statement of their belief.

In a universe as big as this one it would shock me if life wasn’t out there somewhere – but quite why they’d want to visit let alone stay on this planet we’ve pretty much ruined is a mystery to me.


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