Accused Rapist Shows Jury His D*ck As Part Of His Defence

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Accused Rapist Shows Jury His D*ck As Part Of His Defence 19371UNILAD imageoptim ottawa1Ottawa Citizen

An alleged rapist has claimed he couldn’t have committed the crime because his penis is ‘way, way too small’.

44-year-old Jacques Rouschop is pleading not guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual assault and choking over the alleged rape of two prostitutes in 2013, reports the Ottawa Citizen.

However, Rouschop’s defence team claim he couldn’t have committed the crimes as described to the court due to a few ‘physical limitations’.

They claim he has a hernia that ‘makes it too painful to have sex from behind’, his stomach is ‘too large’ and his penis measures just one inch (two when erect) meaning he could not have committed the offences.

Natasha Calvinho, defending, said:

Due to his weight (around 400 pounds at the time) and his appearance, he will be the first to tell you that he has had a lot of trouble attracting members of the opposite sex, and that having sex, was not something that happened very often for him.

Despite his lack of physical attractiveness, he still had needs – sexual needs. And he turned to the services of sex trade workers.

Accused Rapist Shows Jury His D*ck As Part Of His Defence 27146UNILAD imageoptim calvinho44Natasha Calvinho/Facebook

A nurse confirmed Rouschop’s penis size to the court and the jury were shown photographs of the defendant completely naked.

The two sex workers testified as Crown witnesses, recalling horrifying accounts of being attacked and choked until they blacked out in the backseat of Rouschop’s pickup truck in an unknown industrial lot.

Calvinho also says Rouschop believes he is the subject of a ‘witch hunt’.

He says Ottawa detectives investigating the unsolved 2013 killing of sex trade worker Amy Paul targeted him because they suspected he killed her – although they have never been able to link him to the crime.

The trial continues.