CCTV Captures The Moment NYE Nightclub Attacker Opened Fire

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Horrific CCTV footage has revealed the moment that the Istanbul gunman opened fire at a Turkish nightclub on New Year’s Eve.

The shooter, who allegedly shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he launched his attack, killed 39 party goers who were celebrating the New Year inside the Reina nightclub at around 1.15am local time.

In the dramatic footage people can be seen diving to the ground for shelter as bullets spark off nearby cars.

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Hadeel, a Lebanese woman who was in the club with her husband, has given her account of the attack to The Mirror.

She said:

At first we thought some men were fighting with each other. Then we heard the sound of the gunfire and ducked under the tables.

We heard the guy screaming Allahu Akbar (God is Greatest), all three of us heard that … We heard his footsteps crushing the broken glass.

We got out through the kitchen, there was blood everywhere and bodies.

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Of the 39 dead only 16 have so far been confirmed as foreigners and British authorities are working to find out whether any of those killed were from the UK.

A Foreign Office spokesman confirmed that they are working with local authorities following reports of an incident at a nightclub in Istanbul.

The attack on the club began when the gunman, who according to some reports was screaming in Arabic, gunned down Burak Yildiz a 21-year-old police officer with an AK-47 before heading into the club.

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Those inside attempted to flee, many jumping into the Bosphorus waterway to hide until the police arrived.

Despite early rumours indicating that the attacker had barricaded himself inside the club, the gunman remains at large and Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu has explained a manhunt is underway.

So-called Islamic State have since sought to claim credit for the attack.



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