Charges Dropped Against Cecil The Lion Hunter

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Zimbabwe has dropped all charges against the man who allegedly aided the killing of Cecil the lion.

American dentist, Walter Palmer, paid $50,000 to hunt, shoot and behead the beloved Hwange National Park lion named Cecil.

Calls to extradite 55-year-old Palmer and force him to face charges in Zimbabwe fell on deaf ears.

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Animal rights activists had hoped 13-year-old Cecil would find justice after the two men who facilitated the hunt were arrested in July 2015.

Professional hunter Theo Bronkhorst (pictured below) and game park owner Honest Trymore Ndlovu were charged with facilitating an illegal hunt.

However, today a Zimbabwean court dropped charges against Bronkhorst, ruling the charges against the defendant ‘were too vague to enable to him to mount a proper defence’.

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According to the BBC, his lawyer, Perpetua Dube, said Bronkhorst’s offence was not criminal in nature.

Although the State of Zimbabwe could still press charges, the verdict means Bronkhorst will walk away a free man, and sadly, none of the men responsible for Cecil’s death have received reprimand.