Gruesome Details Of Grindr ‘Cannibal’ Murder Case Revealed

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A Breaking Bad-obsessed Satanist accused of murdering a gay policeman after organising a sex-fuelled drug party on Grindr, allegedly cooked part of his victim, leaving a pool of human fat and grease in the oven, a court heard today.

The ‘cannibal’ Stefano Brizzi, 50, allegedly strangled PC Gordon Semple, 59, and dismembered his body after they arranged to meet for an erotic drug party on the gay dating app.

Brizzi, who is being tried at the Old Bailey, is thought to have tried to eat part of his victim’s body after DNA was found on his chopping board, a silver pot, the blender, on a set of chopsticks, and the sieve of a tea strainer, the Sun reports.

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The devil enthusiast,  initially confessed to killing PC Semple, claiming Satan had told him to “kill, kill, kill”, but he now claims the Metropolitan police officer lost consciousness because Brezzi was sitting on his face while choking him with a dog lead as part of a sex game.

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The forensic scientist who exposed many blood stains using Luminol, Cathryn King, said:

A bleeding Gordon Semple or an object wet with his blood like a saw had dropped blood on to the living room floor and hall floor.

There was diluted blood staining on the hall carpet, kitchen floor and work surfaces and most surfaces in the bathroom matching Gordon Semple’s blood having been deposited in the area and subsequently diluted.

We have concluded attempts had been made to clean up blood staining on different occasions.

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King also revealed that both men’s DNA was found on Brizzi’s fetish gear, including a mask and a dog lead.

The Italian native then allegedly imitated a scene from his favourite show Breaking Bad, and tried to dispose of the body in a bath of acid.

The officers remains were found in the bath of acid, Brizzi’s bin, and also the communal bins of the Peabody Estate in Southwark, London, where the web developer lived.

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The severed foot of PC Semple was found by a member of the public on the south side of the river, and neighbours began to complain about the overwhelming stench coming from his flat and the park.

On the night of the incident, Brizzi and PC Semple were trying to persuade other gay men on the app to join them for a ‘Chemsex’ party, the jurors heard.

Chem sex is a term commonly used to describe the use of certain drugs in a sexual context. It is a very specific form of drug use and is defined by the use of three ‘chems’ including crystal meth and mephedrone.

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The court heard that two black bin liners were found to contain mounds of flesh, a human pelvis, a hand, and part of the spine.

There is CCTV footage showing Brizzi purchasing items from a hardware store to help him dispose of the body, and the police found satanic objects in his flat, including a Satanic bible and a note saying ‘Satan I call you forth’.

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Brizzi denies murder but admits to obstructing the coroner in his duty by dismembering PC Semple’s body.

The trial, which is estimated to last three weeks, continues.


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