Holy Man Agreed To Cast ‘Marriage Saving Spells’ If Woman Slept With Him

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Holy Man Agreed To Cast Marriage Saving Spells If Woman Slept With Him UNILAD Syed Shah7454West Midlands Police

A supposed holy man has been arrested for tricking women into having sex with him.

A woman has claimed Syed Shah said he’d cast spells to save her marriage if she slept with him, The Mirror reports.

She insists it was necessary to have sex, to strengthen the spiritual bond between the pair. The holy man from Birmingham later claimed he’d made a ‘magic potion’ to help her.

The woman broke her silence after the faith-healing impostor was jailed for two years for sexually assaulting another woman who went to him for help.

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The 28-year-old victim worries that Shah might have tricked hundreds of other women over the years. She told The Mirror:

I go clubbing. I have a good social life. I have never used a holy man before. I have been gullible.

The sex was very, very difficult because I was not physically attracted to him.

I now realise everything that happened was my problem. Everything that happened [in my marriage] was down to me, not him.

He took advantage of the situation… I have been so stupid.

When she tried to stop the sessions Shah told her they needed to carry on to make sure the spell remains strong.

Shah was sentenced to two years in jail last week after he was convicted of a sex attack on another woman.


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