Horrific Video Shows ‘Teens Beat Paedophile Days Before They Kill Him’

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Warning: Graphic content.

This is the horrific moment a teenage mob allegedly beat up a suspected paedophile who was planning to meet ‘an underage girl for sex’. 

The three teens were filmed in Russia attacking a 47-year-old man as he lay face down on grass, begging for mercy, The Mirror reports.

They decided to leave their victim battered and bruised, before they reportedly returned the very next day to finish the job and kill him with a knife.

Police say that the man, who remains unnamed, had arranged to meet a 13-year-old girl after speaking to her on social media and telling her that he wanted to have sex with her.

But what he intended to be a date with the young girl turned out to be a set-up, as a gang of her teenage friends accompanied her.

The short clip shows the young men allegedly kicking and beating the suspected paedophile in their first attack on Tuesday, near Efremovo.

Horrific Video Shows Teens Beat Paedophile Days Before They Kill Him murder 1YouTube

Several of her friends look on as the man pleads for his life. They then start to laugh and cheer, while the victim is clearly in some serious pain.

It is believed the man survived that ordeal, but the same group, aged 16 and 17, allegedly met him the next day to stab him to death.

The footage was captured by a female friend of the alleged killers, before it was later posted online.

Three of the teens who are believed to have carried out the attack have since been arrested in connection with the man’s death, detained on suspicion of ‘deliberate infliction of grave bodily harm causing death’.

As well as trying to arrange a date with an underage girl, the man is alleged to have had a porn video involving young girls on his social media site and his friends list contained several girls in their early teens.

It’s also believed that in the past he has invited young girls to his home and offered them ‘gifts’ and alcohol.

Horrific Video Shows Teens Beat Paedophile Days Before They Kill Him murder 2YouTube

The teenage suspects could face up to 15 years in jail for their alleged crime.