Paedophile Babysitter Accuses Girl, 9, Of ‘Flirting’ With Him

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A babysitter who’s been jailed for molesting a nine-year-old girl has claimed that the victim had been ‘flirting with him’. 

Jack Langdon, 19, tricked the child’s parents into letting him babysit her, before abusing her at the first opportunity.

The girl told her mum that she had been watching TV with Langdon on the sofa, before he inappropriately touched her through a hole in her leggings, a court heard.

She also claimed that the teenager had bragged to her about how he had ‘naughty images’ on his phone.

And most shockingly of all, the predator told a probation officer that the young girl had been acting ‘all flirty’ with him and had ‘a sexual need that needed to be met’.

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Langdon had also been posing as a girl online, called Beth Bosley, to get young women to send indecent images to him.

He had carried out this vile abuse while already serving a suspended sentence for five counts of penetrative sexual activity with a child under the age of 16.

When he was arrested for his latest crime police also discovered five videos of child sexual abuse on his phone, with one of them being shared with another person.

“The act was committed when you had gained the trust of the family. She was someone you were trusted to look after and you abused that trust,” Judge David Ticehurst said.

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Langdon was jailed for four years, with the judge adding that if he continues to offend that he ‘runs the risk of life imprisonment’.