Police Appeal Goes Viral As Internet Can’t Stop Trolling Suspect’s Eyebrows

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brows1 Police Appeal Goes Viral As Internet Cant Stop Trolling Suspects Eyebrows@gmpolice/Twitter

Social media savvy police forces are increasingly turning to the internet to help them fight crime, but they probably shouldn’t underestimate the web’s ability for pure savagery.


A prime example of this appeared on Thursday night when Greater Manchester Police turned to Twitter in their hunt for one Kealeigh Benson – wanted for ‘perverting the course of justice’.

Thankfully for officers Kealeigh does have some stand out features that would help with her identification, unfortunately it is all anyone could focus on…


nintchdbpict000271055586 Police Appeal Goes Viral As Internet Cant Stop Trolling Suspects Eyebrows

As reported by The Sun, Kealeigh quickly became a popular source of Thursday night entertainment -well there is another week until contestants of ‘The Apprentice’ will take over as trolling fodder- due to her eyebrows…


Jason Jacob may have spotted her though…


The pencilled on brows are giving this guy nightmares, apparently.

Twitter had some additions to her rap sheet too…

And the level of shock sent some in search of religion!

So kids, obey the law, or the police may well just turn you into a viral star for all the wrong reasons.


The Sun