Rolf Harris Wrote This Twisted Song Taunting His Victims, Apparently

By : Ben Hayward |



It sounds like Rolf Harris remains remorseless for his paedophilic crimes after lyrics from a recently written sick song taunting his sex abuse victims have emerged. 

The Sun has revealed that the 86-year-old disgraced entertainer has written a track called Gutter Girls and apparently has plans to release it when he gets out of prison.

The thinly veiled lyrics show that Harris has somehow twisted his crimes placing himself as the victim of ‘false rape accusations’…


Gutter Girls lyrics:

Some toothless little strumpet / From down old Gutter Street / She’s a wolf in fine sheep’s clothing / With nothing on her feet / Pretty in her heydey / But that’s fifty years ago. Now she’s back on Gutter Street / And she’s coming for your dough.

What she wants is instant justice / But she’s in it for the cash / Better dance now little baby / There’s celebrities to bash / Sleeping in the daytime / Lying every night / She’s scheming screaming bloody rape / And she’s got you in her sights.


A source told The Sun: 

When he’s not painting murals and teaching other inmates about art he’s always scribbling stuff down that he wants to record when he gets out.

He sees it as a ‘classic’ Rolf song, with a didgeridoo and wobbleboards.

The disturbingly uncaring Antipodean is currently serving a six year sentence for sex crimes against girls and also faces trial for eight more alleged attacks.


Apparently he has written at least 15 songs during his time in jail and is planning to release them in an album called Justice For All.

Liz Dux, the lawyer for his victims from his first trial, said the song is ‘massively offensive’ – worse than that it shows that not only is Harris not sorry for what he’s done, he still seems convinced he’s done nothing wrong.


The Sun