Shocking Footage Shows Brutal Treatment Of Young Boys In Prison

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A documentary about Youth Detention Centre’s in Australia has sparked international outrage after footage of abusive guards attacking youths was shown.

In the clips above and below, guards from a Youth Detention Centre in the Australian city of Darwin can be heard plotting to ‘fucking pulverise’ the young boys before spraying them with tear gas, reports The Sun.

In another clip, from the Four Corners investigative program, the guards can be seen strapping a youth to a chair with a cover over his head before they all leave the room.

And in numerous other clips the guards can be seen being simply far too aggressive with the youths – sometimes even stripping them naked.

The footage has even led the Australian Prime Minister to lead an investigation into the claims that teenagers were abused at the detention facility.

Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, said:

Like all Australians, we have been deeply shocked – shocked and appalled – by the images of mistreatment of children. We will get to the bottom of what happened here.

However human rights activists have argued that the government has been covering this sort of behaviour up for far too long and is only acting now because it has been made public knowledge.

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Shockingly, 97 per cent of those detained at Youth Detention Facilities in Australia’s Northern Territory are Aboriginal – leading many to question whether or not this is also an issue concerning racism.

Northern Territory chief minister Adam Giles claimed that he had not seen any of the footage before Monday night, when the program was aired.

He said:

They knew … that their behaviour was clearly not right, it was evil, but they also knew they had absolutely no chance of that being a problem to anyone.

Such was the culture of cover-up, such was the culture of brutality.

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The Northern Territory corrections minister has since been fired.