Shocking Moment Sex Offender Tries To Shank Lawyers In Court Room

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Dramatic CCTV footage of a desperate sex offender attempting to attack the lawyers prosecuting him during his trial has emerged online.

Joshua Harding, who was later found guilty of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, pulled a ‘shank’ from his sleeve and lunged at the prosecution during his trial at the Veterans Memorial Courthouse in Michigan on Tuesday.

The 35-year-old appears to try and stab Jonathan Roth, an assistant prosecutor, in the video but thankfully misses and is wrestled to the ground by Brian Canen of the Meridian Township Police Department, The Mirror reports.

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Security guards then help restrain the flailing Harding as he tries to fight them off, until he’s eventually cuffed. One security guard was cut on the face during the unprovoked attack.

Harding now faces additional charges for the attack and officials are trying to establish how he got the weapon in to the courthouse.

Speaking about the attack, Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth said that while the public, attorneys and media all pass through metal detectors and X-Ray machines before entering the court, inmates don’t.

Slight word of advice – maybe start X-Raying them as well?


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