Teen’s Selfie Prank Catches Paedophile

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A girl discovered images of child abuse on her housemate’s phone when pulling a drunken selfie prank after a night out.

Kirsty-Ann Barr and her boyfriend had been drinking with their flatmate Nathan Kozel when the couple decided to pull a selfie prank on Kozel.

Upon accessing his iPhone to take the photos, 18-year-old Barr discovered many images of a pornographic nature featuring young children.

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Barr immediately called the police after uncovering the ‘disgusting’ photos, and Kozel’s phone and other electronic items were seized.

The images found included young children posing with adults as well as an extreme pornographic image of a person performing a sex act on a horse.

At Hull Magistrate’s Court Kozel, 24, admitted to six charges of making an indecent image of a child, two charges of possessing prohibited images of children and one charge of possession of indecent photographs of children, as well as two charges of possessing an extreme photographic image.

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Kozel was fined £20, as well as a £60 surcharge. He must now submit to a 30-day rehabilitation and sexual harm prevention order.

Barr said of the punishment:

I don’t think that’s fair for what he had on his phone at all. I think he should have got more than he did.

Seeing the images that I saw, I know how wrong and horrible they were.

Something should have happened more than just a fine.

This horrifying story shows just how little we know about the people around us and what sort of depravity goes on behind locked phone screens. Luckily the police responded accordingly, although if you ask me, Kozel’s sentence doesn’t fit his crime.