Sick Details Emerge Of ‘World’s Most Depraved Paedophile’

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Sick Details Emerge Of Worlds Most Depraved Paedophile PeterScully2YouTube

The sick paedophile, Peter Scully, who filmed himself committing vile acts of sexual abuse, rape and torture on babies and young children has been charged.

Scully hung a five-year-old girl upside down as he raped and tortured her with two accomplices. The scenes of depravity were filmed and the footage allegedly sold on to paedophiles in Germany, America and Brazil.

The disgusting details of Scully’s crimes have surfaced during court hearings. It was revealed the paedophile also filmed himself torturing and raping young girls as he made them dig their own graves.

The 53-year-old Australian father-of-two has been described as ‘the mastermind of a paedophile ring’ which he ran from Indonesia – a country that has tried to crack down on its multi-million dollar underground child porn and cybersex industry.

Despite the prevalence of cybersex operations in Indonesia, police have claimed this is one of the most brutal and extreme child sex and torture video syndicates they have encountered.

The Filipino Police Chief said:

This film is the worst we have encountered in our years campaigning against child pornography.

Scully’s videos – including one called Daisy’s Destruction, in which a baby was tortured by a naked masked woman and viewers are invited to ‘come see a child’s mental ruin’ – were published to the dark web. Needless to say, the footage has been deemed too repulsive for public release.

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Police have also added murder to his list of crimes, charging him with fatally strangling an 11-year-old and burying her after Scully recorded himself raping her.

It is reported that Scully lured the young girls away from their poverty-stricken families in southern cities of Surigao, Cagayan de Oro and Malaybalay by offering them shelter, food and education, only to take away any shred of hope and dignity from the innocents.

One of Scully’s victims said in an interview with 60 Seconds:

I hope I can forget when I grow up.

The Philippines is considering reinstating the death penalty for Scully’s crimes – a punishment that was outlawed in the country three decades ago in 1986.

Most chilling of all? Reports say that Scully has been in high spirits throughout his trial, laughing and joking in response to questioning about his heinous crimes.

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The monster’s former lawyer, Alejandra Jose Pallugna, revealed that Scully has been treating his detainment in the Philippino jail like a holiday, asking for fresh meat for dinner and a mobile phone.

There is a place reserved in hell for evil that shows not an ounce of remorse, like Peter Scully.

The world looks on in disgust and sadness as this monster is bought to justice for the most depraved acts humanity can possibly imagine.