This Guy’s Lads Holiday Sex Trap Story Is Pretty Terrifying

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An unfortunate 20-year-old male says that he can’t trust women anymore after being caught up in a sex robbery abroad.

Writing into The Sun‘s, Dear Deidre agony aunt column – because apparently that’s what 20-year-old males do when they have an issue nowadays – the anonymous writer claims that he was jumped, robbed, and distressed.

The hapless young Lothario was dancing in a club when he was approached by a girl who he thought was alone.

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He said:

I am 20 and a group of mates I was invited me to go on a lads’ holiday to Spain.

We’d been there a few days and were finding our feet when we all went to a club. We had a few drinks then a great-looking girl came over and danced suggestively right in front of me. She was around my age and the signals were obvious so I started chatting and she was very friendly, even flirty.

Things seemed to be going really well but when people began going home she asked if I would walk her back to the hotel where she was staying on the other side of the resort.

I was a bit surprised she had come so far just to go clubbing, but she suggested we walk along the beach as it would feel really special and I didn’t think any more about it.

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He added:

It was a lovely night and we kissed and sat on the beach together. After a while, we had sex on the sand. It was magic.

But then things get dark:

All of a sudden a gang of guys jumped out from nowhere. They grabbed my jeans which she had tugged off me, along with my wallet which was in my pocket, and ran off.

The girl ran off into the dark too and I didn’t see her again.

I think that the whole thing was a set-up to take my money.

I have no trust in women any more. I cannot even hold a serious conversation with a girl since it happened. My friends find it funny and say I am overreacting but I have lost all my confidence.

Every time I talk to a girl I think she is about to set me up and leave me as distressed and embarrassed as I was then.

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Harrowingly, sex trap robberies are surprisingly common – especially at party resorts abroad when tourists are likely to be young, drunk, and looking for sex.

Hopefully, this guy will find trust again – that is, if he’s real…