Woman Forced To Undergo Brutal Punishment From Game Of Thrones

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Amid a series of horrific attacks on Christian families in Egypt, an elderly Christian woman was stripped naked, beaten, and forced to walk through the streets by a mob of over 300 Muslim men. 

The village in Southern Egypt has been ransacked by the mob over the past few days after a rumour emerged about an affair a Christian man was having with a Muslim woman, reports The Independent.


The elderly woman who was stripped naked is thought to be the mother of the Christian man who was having the apparent affair.

In the immediate aftermath of the affair rumour, seven homes were burnt to the ground by the mob causing the Orthodox Coptic Church to release an unusually outspoken statement about the goings on.


coptic christian woman egypt Woman Forced To Undergo Brutal Punishment From Game Of ThronesDiocese of Minay and Abu Qirqas

Apparently the violence began at around 8pm on May 20 with the church arguing that the mob went wild for two hours before any police intervened.

Speaking on TV on Wednesday night, The Diocese of Minya’s most senior cleric Anba Makarios said if it had been a Muslim man having an affair with a Christian woman the response ‘would not have been anything like what happened’.


He added that the police had warned beforehand about such attacks but gave the mob ‘ample time’ to do whatever they pleased.

Sadly, the violence merely mirrors further tensions going on between the two religions throughout the whole country.