Woman Reveals What It’s Liked To Be ‘Stalked By Serial Killer’

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A woman who believes she was stalked by a serial killer has recounted the chilling experience – and her story is terrifying.

Posting her story on Reddit, the woman told how her home was nearly broken into when she was 10-years-old and claims she was moments from being abducted by one of the most feared serial killers at the time.

Going by the Reddit username juliaakatrinaa4, she explained how her friend and sister were having a sleepover with her in her bedroom when one of them spotted a ‘deer’ outside.

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She wrote about the 2005 incident:

I guess my friend stayed up staring at it, and she woke us up about 5 minutes later saying she thought it was actually a person. Right then, we looked and we saw the shadow move a little and it was clearly a tall person’s silhouette.

We started freaking out, and then we saw two green laser lights. They were just two small pinpoint lights that were coming from the guys head area. We all thought it was binoculars. At this point we were on high alert. And our eyes had adjusted a little and we saw it was clearly a guy looking into our kitchen window.

Too scared to run upstairs to tell her parents, she grabbed her friend’s phone and dialled her own home number, causing the phone in the kitchen to ring loudly and startle the intruder.

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After the man ran off, the girl and her friends ran to tell her parents, who called the police and started a search for the man.

Just weeks earlier, a notice had been sent around the neighbourhood warning that a dangerous sexual predator had been spotted in the area.

The woman believes the man she saw was Joseph Edward Duncan III – an American convicted serial killer and sex offender who is on death row for the 2005 kidnappings and murders of four members of the Groene family. He has also been charged with the 1997 murder of 10-year-old Anthony Martinez.

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Duncan, who is currently serving 11 consecutive sentences of life without parole, had a span of killings from 1997–2005. He confessed to stalking children to kidnap by staking out their homes with night vision goggles – which emit pinpoints of green light.

And a tip back in 2005 had claimed that the killer was holed up with a family member just a few streets away from the woman’s home in Montana, the Sun reports.



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