Guy Learns Hard Way To Never Smoke Weed And Take Naked Selfies

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Smoking weed can have some serious repercussions for your mental state, as this guy discovered recently.

Redditor OGfiremixtapeOG – who I suspect might have a pure fire mixtape dropping soon (watch this space) – posted a warning tale in a TIFU (Today I Fucked Up) thread for any stoners out there.

It involves nude selfies and a potential sexual harassment lawsuit in the making…

So I just got back from college and haven’t smoked in a while so I was pretty high. I got super tripped out and started looking at myself in the mirror. I thought it was a good idea to send my gf nudes so I got out snapchat to save a pic for later. So I took a full nude pic in the mirror and then got really distracted. That’s when my memory cut out for a moment.

Guy Learns Hard Way To Never Smoke Weed And Take Naked Selfies Mykel NicolaouRex FeaturesMykel Nicolaou/Rex Features

So far so weird. What happened next:

When I snapped out of it, I had no idea what I had been doing in the last few minutes. I looked down at my phone and saw two sent snapchats; one to my younger brothers girlfriend, and the other to my female coworker. I kindof realized what probably happened because their names started with the same letter and I must have bumped the phone when I sat down. I started freaking the fuck out and calling and texting them to try to make sure they wouldn’t open my snapchat. So I went out to my brother who was in the living room and he told me to chill the fuck out and sleep. But I had him text her incase she opens it first. So rn I’m in bed still noided af and no ones opened it and im probably fucked :'(

After all that it sounds like it’s going to alright in the end mate, but you best leave the weed alone for a bit.

Doesn’t sound like it’s doing you any favours…