Made In Chelsea Star Filmed Snorting Cocaine

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Olivia Bentley, of Made In Chelsea, has been filmed snorting cocaine at a house party.

The Bentley heiress and socialite joined Made In Chelsea in series 11 and has since carved out her character as a tough-talking, sharp-witted professional photographer who perfectly parodies her own elitism in a series of fencing and shooting dates with her rich friends with benefits – of the sexual kind, rather than JSA, of course.

But her time on Channel 4‘s reality TV answer to Downton Abbey may have an expiry date after she was filmed sniffing a line of cocaine at a house party, reports The Mirror.

Bentley, 21, was filmed saying: “I’m on a TV show so people write shit all the time. I quite like reading the articles.”

I wonder whether she’ll stick to that party line if and when the media coverage of her antics result in her losing her cushy job.

While media outlets have expressed surprise at the incident, horrified to see a TV reality nobody partake in illegal drug-taking, the cynics among us will hold the shock horror for the moment.

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With all the money in the world and a lot of spare time, a young woman whose career trajectory is perfectly synced with how scandalous her life appears to the viewing public was almost inevitably going to take drugs.

Since the video was leaked, Bentley has made her social media accounts private.

Channel 4 are yet to comment on the incident and we await while Bentley’s future on the show is decided.


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