Reverend Filmed With Crisps On Nipples During Massive Ketamine Binge

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A suspended Reverend, nicknamed the Crystal Methodist, has been filmed sporting crisps across his nipples in the midst of a four day naked cocaine binge.


The disturbing footage, which was shot last weekend, shows disgraced ex-Banker turned Reverend, Paul Flowers, snorting what appears to be cocaine or ketamine in a room full of young men before falling asleep half naked.

The Mirror reports that prior to falling asleep the Crystal Methodist entertained four naked rent boys at a hot tub party in his back garden.

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One of the rent boys, aged 22, who was at the hot tub party stated that the ex-banker had sent him numerous texts saying ‘I have Charlie and Katie’, which is code for cocaine and ketamine.


Speaking to The Mirror, he added:

He was flouncing around speaking really posh. There were about 15 people there and loads of drugs and alcohol. When I arrived he told me, ‘I’ll get you at some point’.

He was saying things like ‘to good health’ as he snorted something. There were drugs everywhere, ketamine, coke.

There was a big jacuzzi in the garden but he’d covered it with a gazebo so the neighbours couldn’t see in. We were all naked in there. I wouldn’t like to be the next people hiring that out after what was going on.

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However, this isn’t the first time Flowers has made headlines. Back in 2013, Flowers was earning £135,000 a year as a banker in charge of billions of pounds – but in the midst of his success he was caught counting out £300 to buy cocaine and crystal meth.


He later stepped down and was found guilty on drugs charges and fined £525.

Flowers can keep his title as Reverend for the time being, but may be stripped of the name in the near future. Talk about a costly party…


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