So Apparently Class A Drugs Were Delivered To BBC Offices

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Alan Dedicoat has just accidentally put the cat well and truly among the pigeons, sensationally claiming that a dealer regularly came to the BBC offices and dropped off class A drugs for “more than half” of the staff.

The 60-year-old BBC veteran, who provides the voiceovers for the National Lottery Draws and Strictly Come Dancing, among other shows, even claimed that some of the BBC security staff were involved.

On a tape recording, obtained by The Sun, Dedicoat and his famous voice can be heard saying that cocaine and ecstasy were once readily available at the organisation, alleging that a dealer used to make regular trips to the office to drop off the drugs.


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According to The Sun’s transcript, on the tape, Dedicoat is quoted as saying:

At least 50 per cent [bought from the dealer], he just goes from desk to desk. The police can do nothing about the fact that he’s delivering desk to desk. They are recreational items of interest, I think you’ll find, that’s the way we categorise them. He only comes in because it stops him being intercepted by the police. Es for the lower grades, then whoever can afford it — goes up. It’s the business we’re in.

It should be noted that Dedicoat at no point admitted to taking drugs himself and, in a statement, he has now distanced himself from the comments.

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He said:

There is no truth to what I said. I was foolishly embellishing upon rumours I was aware of dating from 20 or 30 years ago in relation to the commercial radio sector.

I have no personal knowledge of these matters and have absolutely no reason to believe that the activities referred to in the edited extract of this covertly-recorded conversation take place or have ever taken place at the BBC.


The BBC have also reportedly denied the claims, with a source telling the Mirror Online: “Alan has said himself there is no truth in any of the allegations.”

The last thing the Beeb probably needs right now is another scandal on their hands but it looks like that’s exactly what they’ve got!



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