Teenager Became ‘Demonic’ And Tried To ‘Eat Pavement’ After He Took Drug At Party

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Teenager Became Demonic And Tried To Eat Pavement After He Took Drug At Party cork garda station closures 2 752x501thejournal.ie

A teenager turned ‘demonic’, tried to ‘eat the pavement’ and acted like a ‘wild animal’ as he lay naked and covered in blood after taking a designer drug.

The Irish Independent report the 18-year-old is now in a critical condition and three other students remain in hospital after they all took the ecstasy substitute, 2CB.

Police discovered the young man lying in a pool of blood outside a house when they were called to a house party in the Greenmount area of Cork, Ireland yesterday morning.

Teenager Became Demonic And Tried To Eat Pavement After He Took Drug At Party drugs 1independent.ie

A neighbour who saw him being treated by paramedics said he ‘acted possessed’ and made ‘inhuman noises’ as the police tried to restrain him.

Worst of all the frenzied party-goer tried to ‘eat the pavement’, which frightened the witness.

The neighbour said:

They pinned him to the pavement. The guy started making this unmerciful screaming. I’ve never heard a human being create those sounds out of his body.

It sounded like an animal baying while stuck in a trap… He was absolutely drenched in blood.

Inside the house the police discovered two more students unconscious, and three were hospitalised after they became unwell.

Students in Cork are now being warned to remain vigilant about drugs, with police saying ‘there is no way of checking that what is purchased or consumed is the intended substance’.

This is the first time 2CB has been seen in Ireland and sources say the students probably bought the ‘head-shop-style’ drug online.


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