Thousands Of Syrian Refugees Protest Against Sexism After Cologne Attacks

By : Alex Mays |


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Thousands of Syrian migrants took to the streets of Germany to protest against sexism and racism.

Refugees gathered with placards condemning the attacks that took place in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, saying: ‘No to Sexism, No to Racism’ and ‘#SyriansAgainstSexism’.

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The peaceful demonstration also saw Syrians hand out flowers to passers-by and thank the country for taking them in, holding signs saying: ‘We respect the values of German society’ and ‘We are all Cologne’.

This comes after far-right extremists caused riots in Leipzig, targeting kebab shops, setting cars on fire and smashing shop windows.

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Around 250 people from LEGIDA – a local branch of PEGIDA – went on a rampage that pretty much copied the Kristallnacht attacks against Jewish people in 1938.

Rallies were also organised in Stuttgart to condemn the attacks on women, the revenge attacks on asylum seekers and the shocking rise in Islamophobia across the country.Police have estimated that around 7,000 people turned up to protest.

It’s fair to say the attacks have led to an increase in hostility towards German’s large refugee population since more than 100 women were allegedly sexually assaulted by a large group of men on New Year’s Eve, with many reported to be Syrian refugees.

Asylum seekers have been banned from a public swimming pool in a small town south of Cologne, after harassment claims and Germany is set to introduce new ID cards in February for the 1.1 million refugees who claimed asylum in Germany last year.

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We can only hope people start to realise that this shocking treatment of refugees only supports Isis’ idea that the world hates Muslims.


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