American Kid Teaches The World How To Smoke A Twix

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smoke twix web thumb American Kid Teaches The World How To Smoke A Twix

You read that right.. Kids all over America are smoking Twix bars, yes, actual Twix chocolate bars. Because this guy taught them how.


We don’t really know why anyone is doing this but it’s definitely worth shouting about. And because this kid did a “How-To” video on YouTube, smoking a Twix is now a thing.

Even older peeps are taking to their cars to ensure they don’t get caught. Even the cameraman was excited here: “You can actually fucking, legit smoke a fucking Twix bro.”


Although not everyone followed the instructions correctly, which led to this:

But it’s not just Twixes, some people are smoking “Smartie joints”. These kids need to seriously chill the fuck out. Don’t they know the serious health risks that come with smoking sweets?


Lord above. And let us also note that no, we are not condoning this. It’s just f*cking stupid.