Dad Punches Snowboarder That Crashes Into His Son

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Dad Punches Snowboarder That Crashes Into His Son snow crash web thumb

This snowboarder accidentally crashes into a little kid but the dad loses it and hits him in the head.

To be fair I’d be pissed if someone took out my son on the slopes but it was clearly an accident, you can see that the snowboarder had know way of knowing that kid was there. He came out of nowhere.

And as he falls he tries to see if the little lad is okay. But then the dad comes over and totally loses it. We reckon it was an involuntary moment of rage on the dad’s part, I’d probably do the same but end up feeling bad about it later.

But the snowboarder probably should have had more control or slowed down around little kids, you can see him push another child out of the way before the crash.

But everything else aside, it’s still fun to watch.

We’re hoping someone will make an RKO out of this. Please.