Guy Sticks Tongue To Frozen Pipe, Guess How That Ends

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banter Guy Sticks Tongue To Frozen Pipe, Guess How That EndsMercury Press

You know how your friends can dare you to do something, and you get a bit carried away?

Yeah, well that happened to one man, who decided it would be a good idea to stick his tongue on a frozen pipe after being told to do so.


Jamie Lee, 19, decided it would be pretty good banter to see what happened, and went right ahead and stuck his tongue on the pipe.

Five minutes of trauma followed, and it was obviously caught on camera and stuck on YouTube for good measure, and you know, ‘banter’.

banter1 Guy Sticks Tongue To Frozen Pipe, Guess How That Ends


Jamie, from Winsford in Cheshire, said:

I’m a bit mad and I’ll do pretty much anything anyone asks me.

We were working onthe bottle in my garage and I asked Adam why the pipe was freezing.

He just said: “I bet you don’t lick it”. Me being me, I’m not one to turn down a challenge.

As soon as I touched it I regretted it instantly. It was so painful.

I tried to pull my head away at first but that just made it worse. I was trying to ask for help but obviously I couldn’t speak properly.

Jamie eventually got his tongue free, but only after a lot of pain and bleeding.

So basically, don’t be an idiot.


Just because it seems like it might be good banter, it isn’t necessarily a good idea. At all.