Lads Get Locked Up For Using Toy Guns In Instagram Video

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Lads Get Locked Up For Using Toy Guns In Instagram Video cops web thumb

These guys were filming using toy guns, however an onlooker didn’t realise they were fake and instantly rang the cops. The situation escalated very quickly.

As the police came running it’s possible that they were aiming a gun or a taser at the crew, going on how quickly they went to the ground, but it’s hard to tell.

This is what the director, Stevo The Mad Man, had to say in the video description:

We was filming a short sketch for my Instagram page, using plastic toy guns as props. A member of public must of saw us and called the police.. Rightly so. Especially with all the stuff going on over in the states, We Should have been more responsible. Definitely pooped myself a bit tho haha! Let this a lesson to everyone, don’t play with plastic guns in public.To see the finished sketch add my Instagram @stevothemadman1 or View my Facebook Stevothemadman … It was worth the 8 hrs we spent in the cells :)

Here’s the sketch they were trying to film before shit hit the fan.

How To Avoid Getting Robbed 👀 W/ @love4da_ink @madtemp & @instajustme on Camera. #UkUnite

A video posted by StevoTheMadMan Snapchat – STMM (@stevothemadman1) on

We got in touch with Stevo to ask him some questions about what happened.

So what exactly happened with the feds?

“Ah man… Basically I was filming a sketch that required guns, plastic obviously, but one of my neighbours got the wrong idea, next thing you know we’re head first on the concrete eating pebbles… Ended up getting arrested, was in a cell for eight hours. Got no further action in the end.

“We were very lucky though… My friend would have got shot if I wasn’t in the officer’s line of sight.”

How so?

“He didn’t put the gun down quick enough and they have a second to make a choice.”

Watching the video it sounded like the cops were pretty forceful, did they hit your mate in the head or something?

“They kicked him in the face.. Twice I think.”

Your mate has a go at them for making him dirty his nice clothes, were they actually nice clothes?

“Yeah my mate had fresh clothes on… Brand new jacket and trainers, he was pissed!”

Did you get any photos from inside the cell?

“That’s a joke right? I was lucky to even be allowed my clothes on.”

Did the cops see the funny side at all?

“Not at the time but I showed the sergeant my videos and he loved them. The PC has me on Snapchat so they knew.”

Did your mate who got kicked have any injuries?

Just a bust lip, a grazed elbow and a bruised ego from all the screaming!