Redditor Finds Out Not To Eat Spicy Food After Shaving Your Balls

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Redditor Finds Out Not To Eat Spicy Food After Shaving Your Balls

Sometimes a weird chain of events can lead to something spectacularly unexpected, equally hilarious and in the case of this guy, eye-wateringly painful.

This little gem, posted to the often funny ‘Today I Fucked Up’ (TIFU) thread on Reddit tells a story of love, closeness, laughter, a razor, some testicles and some nachos. I think it’s best that I leave it to author of the tale, SouthernFuckinBelle, to fill you in on the details.

Redditor Finds Out Not To Eat Spicy Food After Shaving Your Balls nachos8

Take note guys, and raise awareness.

My husband and I shower together regularly, as we are big fans of being naked together. Last night while my husband was washing his hair I decided to be a shithead, because thats just the kind of person I am, and I thought it would be funny to shave one of his ass cheeks. After about four strokes with the razor he turned around and looking puzzled said “Are you shaving my butt?!” We had a little laugh, but then he decided everything needed to be evened out so he went ahead with some all out manscaping- balls and all. After the shower we got ready to lay in bed and watch The Babadook. Normally we would never eat in bed, but as we were in the middle of a busy stressful week, we decided to plate up some nachos to eat while we watched the movie. My husband loves nachos- and goes all out when he makes them. He shredded fresh cheese, cut up fresh habaneros, warmed up some salsa and put it all on a tray so we wouldn’t get crumbs everywhere. We eat our nachos, watch our movie, clean up and lay down to get some shut eye. After a kiss goodnight, husband reached down to adjust himself and a few seconds later starts freaking out. He had never washed his hands after making nachos and just grabbed his freshly shaved balls with habanero hands. We realized what was going on had to run downstairs and pour the last of the milk into a bowl so he could put his junk in it. So there we are at 12:30 a.m. holding his bait and tackle in a bowl of milk in the living room while tears silently stream down his face. Now I’m telling strangers on the internet about it.

There’s nothing quite like a freshly shawn scrotum.